Today is a historical date for Italy: today, Silvio Berlusconi - the man who put the country on the verge of bankrupt, a man who cared only about his own affairs - has resigned.

My heart is full of joy and happiness, even if I know that now Italy is going to have to suffer: but fortunately we're going to have a government that is REALLY going to work for the Country. And I know that Berlusconi has lost a battle but not the war, he's still alive and is going to try to win again the elections - whenever they'll be.

But now, Rome and Italy celebrate this day, we played our national anthem and "Bella ciao!" the song against fascists and nazists during WWII, we danced and screamed Halleluyah.


Are you goin' to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

....Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine.

Yesterday I went to see Harry Potter 7 DA: Part 2 - I don't love the movies as much as the books (I hate Daniel Radcliff and don't appreciate most of the changes they did in the movie-verse) and I wasn't expecting much since I found Part 1 very boring. It wasn't up to par with the book but it wasn't bad, especially the battle scenes - however the Italian voice actor for Voldemort made him sound like a gay (no offense to homosexuals intended) and it was really hard to be "scared" of him. Moreover, where were the centaurs? And Madame Maxim? and the people of the Prohibited Forest?? baaaaahhhh! 
And the epilogue?? I hated it in the book, being a die-hard Draco/Hermione fan (I HATE Ron!!), but in the movie it was absurd!! WHY DIDN'T THEY CHANGE THE ACTORS??? When I saw Daniel Radcliff acting like he was 30 yrs old and with children I started laughing out loud and I couldn't stop.

So, really, I have much to criticize about the movies.

And Draco/Hermione fandom will live forever!! (Tom Felton is hot!)



It's been too long...

OMG, I've been missing too long, haven't I?

Really sorry guys, life just caught me in its vortex and these two years I've continued reading fanfiction, but I've stopped writing them: mostly because of lack of time, but also 'cause I find myself not motivated enough.
My reason for writing was the *romance*: back then, I still believed in romance and happiness, right now I'm not so convinced.

Being 23 and boyfriend-less since birth makes me feel bitter: especially when practically everyone of my girl friends is dating.

Also, I've got a wonderful and huge group of friends in Padua, while I'm starting to revalue (and not always on the positive side) the one in my hometown. I have finished my exams and I hope to take my level II degree in December: after that, I'll be leaving Padua, probably forever, and this makes me sad. I love Padua, I love living alone, I love doing what I want, I love my group of friends: I've changed too much in these 5 years and I'm not ready to go back to living with my parents in my hometown.

But the real reason why I've stopped writing on this lj is that, having this great group of loyal friends, I don't feel as much alone as I did years ago. I've re-started coming back here because of my newest fandom addiction "Avatar: the last airbender" and my fav shipping... ZUTARA of course!!
Zutara f*cking rocks!! <3

I hope to be back in business 'cause I feel like writing again: maybe I'll finish The Red Butterfly, who knows? ;)

Hope you guys are all well! 

Dark Wings

Shadows, they will fade, but I'm always in the shade without you...

My melanchonic mood passed - at least, I hope so.

Well guys, what can I say?
I know most of you are waiting for an update of my stories, but I'm really sorry to disappoint you once again: I really have no time to write - I'm completely absorbed by my life, my university studies and my little problems... I wish I could have some time for myself to write.  There are so many things to do and so little time to do them... sigh.

There are no exciting things happening right now, and I don't know if I should be happy or simply bored...

Well, NARUTO 487 IS PURE SH*T, I hate it and I'm starting to get bored with it - it seems like we're not going anywhere with the story!

Other than that, my new hair colour - PURE BLACK!! (in the background - my room, my bed, my Jack Skeleton pillow :D) - what do you think of it?


Thor, Odin's son, protector of mankind, time to meet your fate, YOUR DESTINY AWAITS!

Naruto 484: Ok. That is it.

I HATE KISHIMOTO-SENSEI AND SASUKE, I HATE THEM! I want to take Thor's Hammer and smash them with it! C'mon SAKURA FIGHT!!!
That's all I'm going to comment about the lastest developments of the manga.

Other than that... I'M BOOOREEEEDDD: this weekend I'm Padua doing nothing but watching movies (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Indipendence Day) and underlining books for next semester's classes, 'cause no one of my friends is here. Good thing, on Monday I'll start lessons again, yay! :D

On Tuesday I'm going to Bologna with my friends Ila, Basso, Marco and Ciaccu for the Paganfest, a power/viking/black metal festival with many groups - and this week I went to a shop in Vicenza (called Velvet Goth) where I bought two corsets and a choker :D They're lovely, maybe I'll post the pictures of the concert.

About my fanfictions... yeah, guys, you have a right to be angry, but my writer's block not melting and I absolutely have no inspiration. Damn it.

Reflections of fear make shadows of nothing...



I was like WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF???????????
Kishimoto-sensei for once surprised me. Ah, has the oh-so-long wait for SasuSaku come to an end? (I sincerely hope so... Sasuke is so NOT himself!) And Karin... BE JEALOUS!
But really, I must admit my first reaction was not happiness but disbelief: I mean, WHAT-WHAT-WHAT-WHAT, WHY SAKURAAA???

i don't know what to think.


Dana, my darling, I'm writing to you...

NARUTO 480-481

Collapse )

Other than that, life's going on. Nothing much to say.... I'm studying and going out with my friends.
I've seen Avatar and I totally L-O-V-E-D it, it's awesome! :D I want to go live on Pandora, I especially liked the plants that lightens up when you walk on them and the IKRANNNSSSS!! I wanna fly too! :D :D :D 

So come take a drink and drown your sorrows, and all of our fears will be gone till tomorrow


Yep, I know I've got nobody but myself to blame...
how are you all? Hope everyone's ok!

October the 16th... I TOOK MY DEGREE:D :D with the max grade (which is 110/110) - I'M SOOO HAPPY =)

And yesterday was my birthday, I'm 22 now!! Let's celebrate! :D oh well, I didn't celebrate 'cause I'm in Padua studying for my first exam of the second level university degree (mmm, hope you get what I mean), exam which is... TOMORROW!! Gah, I can't wait to be done with it!

Fanfictions... well, I HOPE to finish TRB before New Year, but don't get your hope too high... I have to be in the mood to write...

So, what did I miss? :)


Sometimes I'm too much naive...

I have a dilemma.

You see, in Jordan I bought a gift for my friend Nicola's birthday (which was the 16th): since he's interested in biology, zoology and fossils I bought him from Petra and the desert two horns - thinking it was an original gift.

But, back in Italy and in Padua, some of my male friends told me that it could be misunderstood, because in Italy, to say that a man/woman was cheated on by his/her partner we say that he/she "has grown horns" - and moreover Nicola's former gf (the one before Betta) had in a way cheated on him.

But I didn't thought of this! My gift had been bought with good and innocent intentions!
This evening I went out with Nicola, Giovanni and Will and I wanted to give him the gift, but after Giovanni had warned me again (though he said that Nicola wouldn't probably think bad of me, since he's a good-tempered guy) I couldn't find the courage. So in the end I said goodbye without giving it to him.

I feel so conflicted now! 
On one side, I don't think Nicola would be offended;
on the other side, I don't want to risk it, since I had already offended Giovanni with his birthday's gift.

Damn, why are males so complicated?